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Discontinuous research on Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band since June 1994.

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This list comprises both Magic Band members and other people that are indirectly related to Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band.

If by chance you know an ex-Magic Band member, email me, and maybe I can get an interview. Mail me if I'm missing details, too. If they don't want to talk, I'd like to at least get a current history. Definitely mail me if I'm missing a name!

Many of the musicians here played music both before and after they were in the Magic Band - I would strongly recommend checking out what I have listed on the Albums page.

Band Members

Sorted in alphabetical order

Herb Berman
Paul Blakeley
Mark Boston AKA Rockette Morton
Ry Cooder
Jeff Cotton AKA Antennae Jimmy Semens
Greg Davidson
Roy Estrada AKA Orejon
Eric Drew Feldman
Bruce Lambourne Fowler
John French AKA Drumbo
Jerry Handley
Bill Harkleroad AKA Zoot Horn Rollo
Victor Hayden AKA The Mascara Snake
Rich Hepner Eliot Ingber AKA Winged Eel Fingerling
Gary Lucas - http://www.garylucas.com/
Mark Marcellino
Gary "Magic" Marker
Cliff Martinez
Gerry McGee (McGhee? McGeehee?)
Doug Moon
Richard Redus
Rick Snyder AKA Richard Midnight Hatsize Snyder
Alex Snouffer AKA Alex St. Clair AKA Alex St. Claire Snouffer
Moris Tepper AKA Jeff Morris Tepper - Candlebone Records.
Art Tripp AKA Ed Marimba
Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart)
Denny Walley
Robert Williams

Other people

(not in the Magic Band)

Zoogz Rift
Joan Osborne

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