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Home Page Replica is/was one of the earliest collections of material about Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band on the web. It's updated infrequently.

(2022/11/26) Apparently Clear Spot has been reissued with outtakes/instrumentals. I have I assume some of those instrumentals on bootleg cassette; I'll definitely be buying this reissue just to hear them.

(2016/10/08) Did I ever link to this Shiny Beast comic before? It doesn't say Beefheart out loud, but you can see it in the hats and the colors.

(2014/03/31) This Hour Of Slack episode has several Beefheart covers in the latter half of the show. Also, see this Octopus Pie comic.

(2013/08/24) Lunar Notes, the story of Bill Harkleroad/Zoot Horn Rollo's experience in the Magic Band, is back in print.

(2012/09/21) I stumbled onto the CD of the live performance of the Magic Band in Oxford, UK, in 2005. Why didn't someone tell me about this before so I could have spent 7 more years of my life able to listen to this? "My Human Gets Me Blues" on this album is possibly my favorite version of my favorite song ever.

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