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From 12/1/97:
The latest issue of the CD/Magazine package "Resonance" (Vol. 6, Number 1) has information from John French (AKA "Drumbo") on the creation of Trout Mask Replica, plus two tracks on the CD of John French playing at the Festival of Experimental Music in London, 1996. The full-length CD also has music from other, non-Magic Band folks like Iancu Dumitrescu (from Romania), Faust (from Germany) Altered States (from Japan) and apparently others. The magazine is 60 pages and features even more musicians I don't know.

It is a very well-done magaine, consisting mostly of interviews directly from the musicians featured. It also talks about music on a very high level - definitely not a light magazine.

Here's the subscription info, copied from email. As a note to my U.S. readers, use an International Money Order at the Post Office for sending the money via mail - it's probably the easiest way to send money in another currency. I don't know if they offer back issues. - Email them at lmc@lmcltd.demon.co.uk.

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