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Trout Mask Replica
Song list:
The Dust Blows Forward 'N The Dust Blows Back
Dachau Blues
Ella Guru
Hair Pie: Bake 1
Moonlight on Vermont
Pachuco Cadaver
Bills Corpse
Sweet Sweet Bulbs
Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish
China Pig
My Human Gets Me Blues
Dali's Car
Hair Pie: Bake 2
When Big Joan Sets Up
Fallin' Ditch
Sugar 'N Spikes
Ant Man Bee
Orange Claw Hammer
Wild Life
She's Too Much For My Mirror
Hobo Chang Ba
The Blimp
Steal Softly Thru Snow
Old Fart at Play
Veteran's Day Poppy
Cover of Trout Mask Replica
This is perhaps one of the best-known Captain Beefheart albums, and can still be found as a CD. It is everything it is reputed to be: an incredible mix of influences crammed into a double-length album, with a sound that seems to exist outside of most musical styles. With that in mind, it's hard to listen to. A common response to this album (from what I've been told) is initial hatred. It has a very cacophonous sound, but after listening to it for a while, it sort of creeps up on you, and you find yourself loving it. It does take some determined listening, though. Regardless, it is a purchase everyone serious about music should make - just be prepared for a shock if you've been listening to more standard-format music.

Lyrics and dialogue transcribed by Jonathan S. Machell.

Original liner information:

ZOOT HORN ROLLO: glass finger guitar, flute
ANTENNAE JIMMY SEMENS: steel-appendage guitar
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART: bass clarinet, tenor sax, soprano sax, vocal
THE MASCARA SNAKE: bass clarinet & vocal
ROCKETTE MORTON: bass & narration
DRUMBO: drums

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART plays tenor & soprano sax simultaneously on Ant Man Bee, simran horn & musette on Neon Meate Dream; ANTENNAE JIMMY SEMENS sing lead vocal on Pena & plays flesh horn on Ella Guru; special guest artist DOUG MOON plays guitar on China Pig;

Produced by FRANK ZAPPA
Arranged by DON VAN VLIET

Engineered by Dick Kunc
Album design: Cal Schenkel
Photography: Ed Caraeff/Cal Schenkel
Special electronic modifications on Captain Beefheart's band equipment by Dick Kunc
Most recent in a long series of contract negotiations leading to an actual signing: Neil C. Reshen

All songs written by Captain Beefheart
© 1969 Words & music copyrighted for the world by Beefheart Music Co. BMI

Added to the CD issue after the words "most recent...":
CD design and restoration: Tom Recchion

A picture of the Mascara Snake and of Zoot Horn Rollo, from the gatefold interior of Trout Mask Replica.

The Mascara Snake Zoot Horn Rollo

Just for fun, I made this picture below on the left from the above picture of Zoot Horn Rollo, in an attempt to return it to the original colors. Next to it is a partial scan of the back of the album.

Original Zoot Horn Rollo Back of Trout Mask Replica

An amazing Trout band photo, credited to Ed Caraeff, which appeared in Rolling Stone # 507 in 1987. This was the "100 Best Albums of All Time" section.

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