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Hair Pie: Bake I (instrumental)

Woman: "We just moved in around here, we heard you playing so we decided we'd come up and find out who it was."
Don Van Vliet: (laughing) "Huh huh, yes, er, it's Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band".
Man: "Really?"
DVV: "Yeah. Where did yer move here from?"
Woman: "Oh, just from . . ."
Man: (interrupting) "Reseda"
Woman: "Yeah"
DVV: "Reseda?"
Woman: "Yeah"
DVV: "She's nice . . . Whaddaya think?"
Man and woman together: "Sounds good"
DVV: "It's a bush recording. We're out recording bush. Name of the composition is Ne-Neon Meate Dream of an Octafish"
Woman: "Hum um, nice"
DVV: "No, it's Hair Pie"
Woman: "Look at the drummer there"
Man: "Huh"

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