A Linda Medley bibliography

I like Linda Medley's work, but I wasn't sure where to find it other than her recent comics work. So, I went searching. My search process consisted of going to Google and typing in "Linda Medley", and clicking through a zillion results.

Linda Medley can be found at the web site Her brother may auction material including her work on eBay under the name "sftiki", so also check there for art. If you want to reach me (I'm not Linda, if you haven't noticed yet), I'm at


Castle Waiting - current series
The Lucky Road
Castle Waiting - Cartoon Books series
Sweet Temptations
Bone pin-up
Dignifying Science
Castle Waiting - original series
The Comics Journal #218 - interview
Hook, Line, and Sinker
"Coloring Book" pages
The Curse of Brambly Hedge
Comics Journal cover spot illo (on this page)
Comics Journal Winter 2002 Special - "Where Do You Get Your Ideas?", 4 pages

Scared Stiff and other Creepy Tales
Linda Medley, art. Written by Andrew Helfer
1991 - Out of print, found at abebooks and alibris

Really Scared Stiff : Three Creepy Tales
Linda Medley, art. Written by Marshall Efron and Alfa-Betty Olsen?
1992 - Out of print, found mention at Amazon and abebooks

Favorite Tales from Many Lands
Linda Medley, art. Written by Walter Retan
1989 - Out of print, found at abebooks and alibris

The Elephant Child
Linda Medley, art. Written by Rudyard Kipling
1988 - Out of print, found at abebooks.

Comics/etc. I don't have/haven't entered:

Justice League America 46-50 (pencils?)
Justice League Europe unknown issues
Dungeon Adventures magazine, covers and illustrations
Ballads and Sagas number 4 from Green Man Press
Doom Patrol 65-75 (pencils)
Books of Magic 55
Books of Magic 62 (7-page short story tie-in to Books of Faerie) (art)
Books Of Faerie (?? numbers)
Green Lantern (vol.3) 68-75 (colorist)
The Riddle Factory (Batman one-shot) (colorist)
Batman and Robin Adventures numbers 1,2 (colorist)
2 pieces in Vertigo's Endless Gallery
The Ray (colorist) number 8
Tim Hunter card
Star Wars Galaxies series 2 card number 251
two pages in The Dreaming number 55
SPX 1997 compilation
Dragon Magazine covers, issues 120 and 130
Batman and Superman Adventures: World's Finest - unknown issue (colorist)
Batman Adventures (colorist) unknown issues
Pinup page in Action Comics number 600?
Art in Dark Horse's Cheval Noir 44 "Classics Desecrated: The Wolf Who Cried 'Sheep!'"
Stuck Rubber Baby cover art (colorist)
Smith Brown Jones: Alien Accountant back cover art issue 2
Gen 13 (colorist) mini-series 3?
Paradox Big Books series (unknown editions) illustration?
DC's Who's Who
Other Image coloring?
Marvel posters (?)
The Adventures of the Galactic Girl Guards , Michael Kaluta pencils and Elaine Lee writing. From Tundra, and apparently never published
California State Reading books (?)


Direct sources:
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Trilogy Tour transcript 1997
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Inking advice
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Supersnail (local copy)
Chess Convention drawing (local copy)
"Devil Girl" illustration (local copy)
"Destruction" sketch (local copy)
Jain and Chess from Castle Waiting
(local copy)
(local copy)
(local copy)
Batgirl illustration (local copy)
Trilogy Tour "jam" drawing (local copy)
Linked cover image from "The Lucky Road" (local copy)
Stuck Rubber Baby cover image/coloring credit (local copy)
Wonder Woman illustration (local copy)
Convention castle drawing (among other artists) (local copy)
Sketches (among many other artists) (local copy)
(local copy)
Sir Chess illustration (scroll down a ways) (local copy)

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