Justin C. Sherrill's BeOS work

These are all my mostly unoriginal applications for BeOS. All x86, R4+ unless otherwise mentioned. Listed in order of most recently updated. I don't work on BeOS/BeOS clones and more, so this is left here mostly for historical interest.

- Analog, currently the most popular web logfile analyzer out there, compiled for BeOS. The original site is at http://www.analog.cx. It should compile relatively easily on BeOS, though I have not tried recent versions.

(80K, source included, v1.0) - A Perl script and cpio executable for pulling apart RedHat Package Manager files. Note that it just pulls out data, not the database-style info, nor does it accomplish any of the real tasks rpm is used for. It's a mess, too, but it should get stuff out of rpm files if you need it.

(4K, source included, v1.1) - A Perl script to automatically build Apache on BeOS - requires some setup beforehand, but can make it easier to repeat the process. Instructions are included. (Version 1.0 forgot to mention a variable you had to set.)

(8K, source included, v1.0) - A commandline program that takes text and outputs it as Pig Latin. Taken from the BSD source. As the original directions said, "useful for generating monthly reports".

Pe Perl extensions
(9.2K, source included, v1.8) - a set of extensions for the commercial app Pe using Perl. You have to own Pe to get much use out of these, and install Perl too. (Both worthwhile.) A work in progress. This should work with any release of the BeOS, as these are really just plain text scripts. Currently included: "correct" P and BR HTML tags, dehtmlize, dictionary, env, goto url, run with perl, urlize.

(30K, source included, v1.5) - a login client for Road Runner cable modems that will work in any Road Runner system that uses MD5 encryption. This includes Rochester and Syracuse, NY, and Hawaii. New in this version - no more .pid wierdness, better instructions, and probably support for Austin and (parts of?) Ohio! Let me know if you live in those areas and have success.

This client is becoming out-of-date, as most Road Runner divisions are moving to a no-login policy, meaning that your BeOS box should be able to connect normally without any sort of login rigamarole.

(37K, source included) - an ancient commandline game, now ported to BeOS. If it's familiar to you, you may want to play it for fun. If you have no clue what it is, you may want to leave it alone.

I can be contacted at "justin" on this server.