Alphabet Project

The Goal: I want to have each letter of the alphabet illustrated in a particular matching format, so that eventually I can assemble them all together and make a very large wall hanging.

Cost: Most artists have been charging $40-$50. Let me know when it's done and I'll mail a check, or money order, or PayPal, as you specify. You get the check, and send the finished piece. Mailing a scan of the image when it's done will get it a berth on this page.

What I need: I need to know what letter you want, how much you want, and when you will be done. It's OK if the project slips back because of a time crunch or project conflict - just make sure I know about it.

Format: 10" by 5" vertically oriented illustration board or similar inflexible surface. That measurement is for the physical size, not the image. Letter on top, image on bottom. Full bleed - go right to the edges, and there does not have to be a border between the letter and image. (See bottom of the page for examples.) Media on the board is up to you, though most have picked pen and ink. You send this to me as the finished product.

The image should be of something that starts with the letter you picked. That word/phrase you pick should be in the image, somewhere. Any word is fine, as long as it's appropriate for 'family viewing'.

It does not have to be a character from something you own or illustrate. In fact, it's often more fun to pick an interesting word and see where it leads.

Letters available: none!      
In progress: none
Letters done: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Artists so far:
Tom Beland (A)
Farel Dalrymple (B)
Erica Bercegeay (D)
Katrin (E)
Todd Webb (F)
Jane Irwin (G)
Dean Haspiel (H)
Jay Hosler (I)
Pam Bliss (J)
Jackie Franco (K)
Metaphrog (L)
Robert St. Jacques (M)
Jenn Manley Lee (N)
Linda Medley (O)
Cal Slayton (P)
John Peters (Q)
Stephen Notely (R)
Rachel Hartman (S)
Sean Wang (T)
Roger Langridge (U)
Stacy Hausl (V)
Jeff Parker (W)
Jesse Hamm (X)
Josh Neufeld (Y)
Cate King (Z)