Monthly Archives: May 2014

Swear Finger

Scene: Kids just before bed. Optimal time to ask in depth questions
Kaitlyn: Dad, were you born with a swear finger?
Me: I was. Everybody is born with that finger but it isn’t a swear finger unless you mean to use it for swearing.
Kaitlyn: No. I mean when your hand was born, did it have a swear finger?
Me: Yes, it’s there for everyone. Why do you ask?
Kaitlyn: No reason, I was just wondering.

I could not find out what had prompted the wondering.

Bad People and the Devil

Going for ice cream with Kaitlyn and Emilee. I had no cash and asked Emilee for a loan of $10. She ran upstairs and came down with $15 saying the $5 was for the tip. I noted that $5 was a bit much for the tip and Emilee replied that she didn’t care much about money. Kaitlyn chimed in saying she cares about people more than she cares about money…. all people… except bad people and the devil. I remain slightly skeptical about their Catholic education.