Monthly Archives: June 2013

Keyboard couldn’t type ‘c’

Tourist: Yes I saw your advert in the bolour supplement.

Bounder: The what?

Tourist: The bolour supplement.

Bounder: The colour supplement?

Tourist: Yes I’m sorry I can’t say the letter ‘B’

Bounder: C?

Tourist: Yes that’s right. It’s all due to a trauma I suffered when I was a sboolboy. I was attacked by a bat.

Bounder: A cat?

Tourist: No a bat.

Bounder: Can you say the letter ‘K’?

Tourist: Oh yes, Khaki, kind, kettle, Kipling, kipper, Kuwait, Keble Bollege Oxford.

Bounder: Why don’t you say the letter ‘K’ instead of the letter ‘C’?

Tourist: What you mean…..spell bolour with a K?

Bounder: Yes.

Tourist: Kolour. Oh thank you, I never thought of that. What a silly bunt.

WOD: 6-20-13

Team WOD with Ayman and 35lb vest
2500m row (swap every 250)
+++Did SOME burpees to keep up with wife, but keeping up with Kenny won out
60 Shoot- throughs (swap every 5)
1000m run (5 times around)
I wore the vest for the run, Ayman for all else.
Don’t leave the vest behind!!