Monthly Archives: October 2012


Brought home some pistachios, the kids preferred to call them embryos.   It lead for some interesting comments like:

Kaitlyn:  oopps, I dropped my embryo!

Emilee: Daddy, can I open your embryos for you?

Kaitlyn: This embryo won’t open!

Lost Kid

Patty went of shopping with Emilee and a couple minutes later I went looking for Kaitlyn to see what she was up to.  Looked around casually top to bottom of the house, started calling out… nothing.   Got a little worried and sent a text to Patty to see if Kaitlyn decided to go with her and then almost immediately found Kaitlyn.  Whew!.  She was sitting quietly on her bean bag chairs in the window dormer in her bedroom, nearly completely concealed from sight except for a tuft of read hair poking over the edge of the bed.  She was facing the night light that was back-lighting the cross with Jesus on it (on top of the old hermit crab cage).

Me: Whats going on, how come you didn’t answer me?

Kaitlyn:  I didn’t want to.

Me:  Are you sad?  Are you crying?

Kaitlyn: Shakes Head no.

Me:  Why do you have the cross out?

Kaitlyn: ( As she turns off the night light and puts away the cross)  I was praying to God.

Me: How come you are up here and not answering, I was worried!!

Kaitlyn:  Two reasons, but I will only tell you one…

Me: OK, whats the first reason?

Kaitlyn:  Nobody will play Cooking Mama (Wiii) with me.

Me: What’s the second reason?

Kaitlyn:  I don’t want to tell you…

Me: Why don’t you want to tell me?

(This goes circular for a while… but finally Kaitlyn agrees to whisper in my ear

Kaitlyn (very quietly):  I took Emilee’s gum!


Background:Earlier Patty had sent Kaitlyn with two haves of the last piece of gum to give part to Emilee, but by the time she had arrived she had eaten both.  We both made a point of saying we were surprised since usually Kaitlyn is so honest…    hmmm   powerful lesson or her, I hope.