Monthly Archives: March 2011

Blindly eating cake

Over the years I have been working with computers I have had several people explain to me that they like their PC because it allows them to make choices about what they want.  This is always in relation to Apple products where you have… less choice.  I get it, I am a techie and I love the details of getting something to work just right.

But…  Your average person is not interested in these choices.  A typical computer user is much like the average car driver.  The car and the computer are a tool, a vehicle if you will, to accomplish the goal of arriving at point B, browsing the internet, communicating with people.

Its a tool.

Those who want choice, who want an open market rarely see the balance of what that offers.  Recently I was told that Android is a better product than the iPhone because you are not being told what applications are acceptable… and yet:

If you don’t have a moment to read that, here is the highlight:  “Free” malware available for the Android… 50,000 downloads before it was stopped.

Would you buy a car kit so you can choose how your car is built?  Even if most of the parts were lego-like easy?  If you were a mechanic you might… but either way it would be your second car.

In the end, when you choose a PC or Android because it allows you freedom, you may be freeing more than you think.