Monthly Archives: July 2010

how be your spelling

Dad: Kaitlyn, how do you spell “toast”?
Kaitlyn: … e-l-e-e-y
Dad: and how do you spell “shoe”?
Kaitlyn: e-l-e-e-y …
Dad: really! how do you spell “hippopotamus”?
(note… I needed a spell checker there…)
Kaitlyn: E-L-E-E-Y! (spoken as if I were daft…)

An there you have it. She will be a nuclear scientist when she is done with her modeling/movie career.

AD group to Local Admin – without policy

Looking to add a Windows Active Directory (AD) security group to a series of workstations and don’t have AD policy set up yet? Here is some quick and dirty code to do it.

This assumes you are running with security credentials that will allow you to do this (i.e. Domain Admin) and you will need to edit the Domain (constant MyDomain) and the AD group you want (Constant MyADGroup).  It reads the list of workstations you wish to do this to from a text file c:\testfile.txt

Not lookin for pretty here, just looking for getting it done.     … and get policy set up for goodness sakes!

[code snippet:]