Simple PBulk

What it is

Simple PBulk is a set of wrappers around Joerg Sonnenberger's excellent pbulk program. I've been building binary pkgsrc packages for DragonFly, and when I find a system with the CPU and bandwidth for it, I want to take as little time to set up as possible - a full build takes days, and it stinks to miss something and have a multi-day build need to restart. This wrapper reduces the setup greatly.

The links

git:// - clone from here, or grab the snapshot. - who to tell if there's a problem with Simple PBulk. If there's a problem with pbulk itself, I'm not the one to fix it.

The usage

The file settings.conf holds everything you should need to change. There's comments explaining each setting in there.

Run 'sh -a' to run it. It will download the DragonFly source code, buildworld for the specified release, install it to the specified directory, chroot there, and use pbulk to build the entire specified branch of pkgsrc, and upload to the specified location.

Subsequent runs can skip the -a flag to just update pkgsrc and continue with the existing installed world chroot. Use the -q flag to skip any updates. You'll want to use -q when restarting a build that dies, for instance. (after fixing the cause.)


Future needs