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Zig Zag Wanderer

Zig zag zig zag wanderer (rep.)
You can huff, you can puff
never know what I have found
("you'll never blow, my house down" - suggested by Jim Neher)
You can zig you can zag
Whoa I'm gonna stay gonna stay around (rep.)

You can jump you can holler
Never lose what I have found
heaven's free 'cept for a dollar
you can zig you can zag
Whoa I'm gonna stay around gonna stay around

Zigzag wanderer had a zigzag child
Zigzag traveller for the mercy mile
.......(found his strength in?) and nature scene
(Chris Viard suggests "Found my Queen and Nature Scene")

Twist his face (quenched his thirst) where he never been
Zig zag wanderer (rep.)

You can dance you can prance
freeze those timbers drop some beans
Hide my shield throw away my lance
Zig zag child mercy mile
zig zag dreams zig zag dreams zig zag dreams....
(NB surely CB would not advocate that someone club his seal? I always heard
something to do with a shield, which would tie in with the lance metaphor)

Transcribed by John Ellis, typed by cbm. Thanks to both.

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