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These words are printed in the same format as the other songs, but not on the album.

You Should Know By The Kindness Of Uh Dog The Way Uh Human Should Be

You should know by the kindness of uh dog
The way uh human should be
You should feel the wet wood heart of the tree
Wood sap pop like uh frog's eye
Open t' the fly 'n the blood of the river
When it ripples 'n clicks like uh waterbell
'n the elephant in his beautiful grey leather suit
Though he's wrinkled he looks smart as hell
'n the turtle's eyes carry bags wery well
'n the snake's in shape
He rattles like uh baby 'n wears his diamonds
Better than uh fine ladies finger
'n his fangs are no more dangerous
Than her slow aristocratic poison
And he plays his games on uh grass bed
'n uh monkey never had uh guilty masturbation
'n uh monkey wouldn't shit on another's creation
And the fatman cries thru-out all creation
'cause he's got uh cold
'n the icebear dives thru blue zero for uh frozen fish
'n the eskimo wears his hide 'n chews his heart
'n the beautiful grey whale oils some bitches lighter
Someday I'll have money 'n I can frame myself
What uh picture I'll be choppin' down uh tree


The first scene was on the bathtub ring
And then out through the window
A little boy cutting out paper dolls singing ring around
The rosey a rose jumped over a pansy into a mud puddle
With the sun in it
To the bathroom, the wall paper decorated with Christmas
Ornament stars repugnantly cheery to the degree of
Nostalgic depression
A woman begins to disrobe
In to the unkempt shabby underarm and large perspiration
Tears on the enormous lit up breasts one dark 'n one light
Light nearest the window, dark nearest the basin above an
Inadequate light fixture below the latter breast
The tub ring
To the ring on the finger obvious zen intent one ornament
Began to move unoticed by the near nud woman who
Now nude 'n situated in the tub cringed at the ring
Added hot water relaxed at this mixture pleased, splashed,
Picked, sneezed, winked, wheezed, flatulated, bubbles popped
The tub returned to normal
The star began to rotate much like the lid of
A large mouth jar
Jerky 'n very human being removed from this of course
And entirely on its own
THis obviously an example of its picturesque physical
Apperance, attitude and formation
Alright then
The star recovered after the autopsy upon close analyzation
Tipped the scales at 10,000 lbs. and was matched with
A metal very much like lead as we know it here
Recovered in a mission that successfully returned from
Venus in the late fall of 1975
The star had dropped and lodged just under the woman' armpit
Only one point was visible

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