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On the night she born the lightning flashed and the thunder roar
But when they heard her cry -the clouds rolled back and the full moon fill the sky
Shinin' down in her eye
Can you hear her cry

Moon child
She always look so pale
The things she wear and the long white veil
She wrapped it up so tight -your mind come loose and you drift on out of sight
She's a child of the night
Can you hear her cry

Moon child
....too high (she always tries to hide?)
The way she feel s on the darker side
She like to fall in love every time there's a full moon up above
Then she's out of this world
She's another girl
And it makes her cry
I love to hear her cry
Moon Child
(Note: credited to David Gates: an amazing tailoring job)

Transcribed by John Ellis, typed by cbm. Thanks to both.

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