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Beatle Bones And Smokin' Stones

beatle bones and smokin' stones
The dry sands fall
the strawberry mouth strawberry moth STRAWBERRY CATERPILLAR strawberry
butterfly strawberry fields
All the winged eel slither on the heels of today's children
"Strawberry Fields Forever"

yeah roosters ol glass roosters stick to your race
in a drag queen live wood farmhouse
tractors are clawin people are crawlin
trees in a row climbin a coach and I blow rich
red blue yellow sunset
where I set you set and I've loved and you've loved
And I've seen and you've seen

Chalk man has just made his mark and crumbled
the dark- the light -the dark -the day
Porcelain children see thru white lights
Soft cracker bats Cheshire cats named
The Dark The light The Dark
The day
Blue veins thru gray felt tomorrows
Sell your sailboat ye ole feathered kind
blow it into a pond swayin' in circles
red blue yellow sunset
Where I've set and you've set and I've loved and you've loved
What I saw and you saw
"Strawberry fields Forever"

(NOTE: written to putdown "Pepper "and "Satanic" style psychedelia these lyrics are intentionally ridiculous)

Transcribed by John Ellis, typed by cbm. Thanks to both.

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