Leah's Christmas List

pasted by Justin

Last modified: 12/06/2007

Jacki: Amazon gift cards maybe some historical books on CD

Chelli: Amazon gift cards, her email address is Chellisage@yahoo.com, Uhm she has a wish list on Amazon.com under that name. She loves native American Poetry,Uhm maybe a gift card at IKEA or laz-y- Boy. Or something from HArry and Davids (She loves pies and fruits)

Drew: He has a wish list on Amazon under Sundaki, he loves Harry Potter stuff, but has all the books, uhm, not sure what else, but when you look at gifts they give you suggestions for something simmilar...

Leah: Well, I have a wish list on Amazon, under Bailey. I would love that new electric reader thing they have on Amazon. Or the most recent PDR. I would love to have one of the skulls out of the Bone Room. (One of the real ones...) Um, Dad could send my the sketch of the cat on the pillow that was Moms. Queen sized sheets that are pretty.