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A whole bunch of installation notes

DragonFly user varialus has created a page on the DragonFly website (it’s a wiki, after all) with all the notes taken from trying installation, etc.  There’s far more notes than I expected there, so it’s worth a read.

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3.0.3 images up

I’ve uploaded DragonFly 3.0.3 disk images, both ISO and IMG.  They should start appearing on a mirror site near you in the next 24 hours.  This took a while after the tagging, I know, but I wanted to make sure every one of them booted.  I didn’t on a previous release, and regretted it.

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Postgres benchmarking again

Francois Tigeot benchmarked several different operating systems using Postgres 9.2b3, including DragonFly, and published the results.  I have a local copy of the PDF since the attachment didn’t really survive the archiving.  Follow the thread for discussion.  The Linux results look abnormally high, so it is possible that something different is happening on that platform…

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DragonFly and GSoC 2012 wrapup

DragonFly had a successful Google Summer of Code even this year.  It marks our 5th time participating, 7th if you count  Google Code-In events.

Mihai Carabas worked on adding SMT/HT awareness to the DragonFly scheduler.   This project was very successful.  The original goal was just to take advantage of threading with the scheduler, but the benchmarks published by Mihai show in general a 5% speedup from these scheduler changes.  His work has already been committed.

Vishesh Yadav implemented an inotify interface in DragonFly.  inotify is an originally Linux-based system for monitoring files and directories for changes.  A specific use for this is an inotify-aware locate program, so that a list of file locations can be kept ‘live’.  His code for the inotify interface should be committed to DragonFly very soon.

(This was written in part for Google to use on their Open Source Blog.)

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3.0.3 tagged

I’m working on building new images, but: DragonFly 3.0.3 has been tagged.  If you’re running 3.0, you can update and get some of the recent bug fixes.

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Planning for the next release

3.2 is the next major release of DragonFly, which will be relatively soon by the every-6-months release schedule.  John Marino’s put together another catch-all bug report for that release.

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Another LiveDVD image

Sascha Wildner’s been working on his own DragonFly live images, in DVD or USB form.  It uses XFCE along with a number of other packages listed in his post.  They are .xz compressed, so they are nice and small for download, but make sure you have something that knows that format.

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GSoC week 9 reports

Mihai Carabas has posted his weekly results, showing a 5% improvement in pgbench resultswhen using his scheduler.  Vishesh Yadav is working on IN_MOVED_TO/IN_MOVED_FROM flags (part of inotify, I assume).  Ivan Sichmann Freitas I haven’t heard from yet.  (Ivan, where are you?)

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MaheshaDragonFlyBSD now available

Juraj Sipos wrote me to describe MaheshaDragonFlyBSD, a live DragonFly image that has additional software preinstalled, and can easily be set to understand Sanskrit.  It’s available in DVD and USB versions.

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Summer of Code status, week 7

Here’s the regular status updates for Mihai Carabas (scheduler) and Vishesh Yadav (inotify).  I don’t have the update from Ivan Sichmann Freitas yet.  Here’s Ivan Sichmann Freitas.

Here’s a way to donate

If you want to put something towards DragonFly, and you don’t have time or hardware, cash is now an option.  (It’s not tax-deductible.)

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GSoC updates, week 6

The usual weekly updates from Mihai CarabasVishesh Yadav, and Ivan Sichmann Freitas.  Mihai has some interesting bugs found this past week by running his code on Matt Dillon’s 48-core system.

pkgsrc-2012Q2 released

The release announcement for pkgsrc-2012Q2 is out.  New in this quarterly release: statistics about clang and pkgsrc.  A surprisingly large number of packages build just fine with clang instead of gcc.

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Midterms coming up for GSoC

Attention students and mentors: the Summer of Code midterms open up on July 9th.  This means students fill out an evaluation, and mentors also fill out an evaluation.  Don’t forget, because completed evals from mentor and student both are necessary for a project to continue being funded.

More benchmarking

More benchmarks, in this case a comparison of Debian GNU/kFreeBSD and DragonFly.  I’m not even sure how to derive meaning from it.

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What to donate to an open source project

Mayuresh Kathe asked about donations to DragonFly. I answered, but the part to remember is this: donate your time.

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Lazy Reading for 2012/06/24

It’s almost an all-Vim week.

Your unrelated link of the week: Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody.  Related: What kind of Muppet are you?


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Scheduler changes you can try yourself

If you have an Intel processor with multiple cores and hyperthreading support, you can compile a new kernel and try out Mihia Carabas’s GSoC work already; he’s created a test using the OpenSSL test case to time scheduling performance vs. number of threads.

pkgsrc now frozen, with announcement

I know I already posted that this was on the way, but this time, the quarterly pkgsrc freeze is starting with a detailed announcement. 2 weeks until the next release, if everything goes well.

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PHP 5.4 in, PHP 5.2 out

If you’re using some PHP application that requires the old behavior of PHP 5.2, you will need to specify that version of PHP – pkgsrc is moving to version 5.4 5.3 as default, with version 5.4 available.   (thanks, Takahiro Kambe for the update.)

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pkgsrc freeze for 2012Q2 starts on the 16th

The freeze for pkgsrc-2012Q2 starts on the 16th of June, as recently announced.  Freezes are usually 2 weeks, so that means 2012Q2 should be tagged at the end of June.

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Multi-architecture pkgsrc packages

Pkgsrc already runs on a large number of different platforms, but that’s not what I’m talking about.  In this case, Joyent, which uses pkgsrc internally, has a suggested change that makes binaries usable on both 32 and 64 bit systems.  I don’t know if this will go into pkgsrc proper, but it’s interesting to see.

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Xorg updates in pkgsrc

Apparently a lot of modular-xorg packages in pkgsrc received updates.  I think I found some of the changes, but probably not all, so I don’t have a good way to sum up the actual effect.

Update: see the end of this cvsweb pkgsrc CHANGES-2012 page for all the changed parts.

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GNU utilities, correctly named

There’s a number of packages out there that assume you are using the GNU versions of ls, wc, and so on.  However, you aren’t when using a BSD system.  Pkgsrc has historically dealt with this when GNU tools are needed for a package by prefixing them with a ‘g’.  ‘ls’ becomes ‘gls’, and so on.  Aleksey Cheusov proposed a fix to keep these utilities under their original names, which I think will go into the next quarterly pkgsrc release.

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Pkgsrc removal policy set out

Pkgsrc packages that have source files that can’t be redistributed, and go missing for the length of an entire quarterly release, will get removed.  They are effectively broken at that point anyway.

That policy is now formally in place; I don’t think there was a clear prescription before.

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tmpfs and how fast it can go

Venkatesh Srinivas, currently on his colossal bike ride, introduced a different way of creating a tmpfs.   This was test code, and Johannes Hofmann benchmarked it (see same page).  It’s interesting cause there are numbers, and nice to see one person jumping in to test someone else’s results/idea.

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Building pkgsrc with clang

I think I’ve mentioned building DragonFly with clang before, but not pkgsrc.  There’s two variables to set, plus some special handling for libf2c.  Thomas Klausner has details.  This is not tested on DragonFly.

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Phoronix benchmarks revisited

There were some benchmarks of DragonFly 3.0 some time ago on Phoronix.  (You may recall it being mentioned here previously.)  The disk numbers always seemed weird to me, so I repeated that part of the test, and here’s my writeup.

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PHP 5.4 status in pkgsrc

Takahiro Kambe is bringing PHP 5.4 into pkgsrc, probably as lang/php54.  Follow the whole thread for a discussion of version numbering.  As a side effect of this, PHP 5.2 will leave pkgsrc by the next quarterly pkgsrc release.  If you’re using that older flavor, you’ll want to upgrade.

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TUI mode added to kgdb

TUI mode is available now for kgdb on DragonFly, thanks to John Marino.  It’s apparently a Text User Interface for debugging core files.  I haven’t used it, so I’m relying on the testimony of others.

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Debugging RANCID

Michael Lucas has a writeup on how he debugged his RANCID setup.  I link to it for the technical details, and also because if you have to manage more than a few switches or other network devices, RANCID is very useful.

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Upgrading to pkgsrc-2012Q1

Here’s a post by yours truly, on how to move to pkgsrc-2012Q1 though building from source.  This is for anyone sick of waiting for me to finish the binary build of pkgsrc.

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Followup on clustering

Matthew Dillon posted a followup on that fix for clustering I noted yesterday.  It describes the exact problems better than I could, though the result is the same: you should update if you’re running bleeding-edge DragonFly.

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Update for a clusterfix

A fix for cluster_write() issues reported by multiple people is now available, so if you’re running a version of DragonFly newer than 3.0.2, you’ll want to update.

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OpenSSL 1.0.1b updated

Peter Avalos has updated OpenSSL, though this version is apparently a bugfix, not a security fix.  Still need it anyway, since it disabled TLS 1.1 in an unexpected way.  See the OpenSSL changelog entry at “[26 Apr 2012]” for details.

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Google Summer of Code: the projects

Each of the 4 DragonFly participants for Summer of Code have posted an introductory email and details of their projects.  Here’s direct links to their posts for your reading convenience:

(Yes, same format as my last post, but now the links are to their posts, not the sparse Google info pages.)

Packages that will go, and packages that might go

There’s a few pkgsrc packages that might be going the way of the dodo, soon.  There’s a few more that need love, so speak up if you use them.  Maybe you can be the Somebody™ that fixes them?

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New committer: Markus Pfeiffer

Welcome our newest committer: Markus Pfeiffer.  He’s ‘profmakx’ on EFNet #dragonfly, and has been working on a port of FreeBSD’s USB infrastructure – which I am looking forward to, tremendously.

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Mosh for DragonFly developers

Mosh, mentioned on this Digest a few weeks back, is now installed on  If you’re doing any development work there but dealing with a relatively high latency, this should help.  (Thanks Venkatesh Srinivas.)

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Where are the pkgsrc-2012Q1 binary packages for DragonFly?

I’m still working on building them.  I kept getting panics, which seem to be fixed by this commit, so I should have something soon.  Sorry!

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Cheap SSH Mastery

Michael Lucas’s worthwhile book, SSH Mastery, is currently having one of those sudden price cuts on Amazon – for the paperback version, about 25%.  Now it a good time to nab it before the price bounces back up.

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DragonFly time

DragonFly now has its own zone.  What’s this mean?  Nothing material, but it’s nice to do.

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Longest review ever, finished

That DragonFly review is now available in all six parts.  (I included the preamble there.)  I still haven’t made it through the whole thing.

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pkginteractive: graphical pkgin

Julian Fagir has put together a graphical – meaning it works under curses in a terminal, or under X - interface to pkgin, the binary package manager.  Can someone try it and describe how well it works?

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Some more pkgsrc expunging

There’s several packages that will be removed from pkgsrc after the 2012Q2 branch, since they haven’t worked in a long time.  Also, Python 2.4 has been removed from pkgsrc-current and 2.5 will go the same way before the end of the year.

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pkgsrc-2012Q1 is branched

The next quarterly release of pkgsrc, pkgsrc-2012Q1, has been branched.  I’ll start building binary packages momentarily.

The branch should show up in DragonFly git later today.  Once available, you can change any references to ‘pkgsrc-2011Q4′ in /usr/Makefile to ‘pkgsrc-2012Q1′, and then to switch to it:

  1. cd /usr/pkgsrc
  2. git branch pkgsrc-2012Q1 origin/pkgsrc-2012Q1
  3. git checkout pkgsrc-2012Q1
  4. git pull

At that point, you can start building and installing newer applications.  For more details on that, check the pkgsrc guide on the DragonFly website.

Note that you don’t have to do that; you can stick with the 2011Q4 (or earlier) packages you have installed now, if you don’t want to deal with software changes right now, or if you want to wait for the binary packages to become available.  Upgrades/security fixes only happen for the latest quarterly release, though.

Note: don’t assume I tested this before advising you to do it, or anything like that.  I mean, come on.

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Longest DragonFly review ever?

Steven Rosenberg is writing the longest DragonFly review ever.  Here’s parts one, two, and three.  There’s 3 more parts to come, 1 per day, so check back for the end of the story.

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Packages that might go away, or not?

There’s been some discussion of packages that have been broken for a long time in pkgsrc, over on the mailing list.  It’s interesting to see just what breaks these packages, though it still seems up in the air whether any will be removed or not.  (Follow the thread if you have time.)  I don’t think the discussion has ended yet.

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A minor DragonFly construction project

I’ve been working on a small house project over the past few days.  My house has a basement workroom, which I use for whatever I need to do involving pliers or a saw.  I’ve been slowly outfitting it over the past few years, and one thing I wanted to do was to wire it for music.

Not just a radio, but a computer that I could play sound file from, and stream audio.  You can buy hardware for just that, but I’m cheap.  I also wanted to keep it from looking like a computer desk; I have enough of that in my life already.  This is a minor project; nothing like what you’d find on Instructables, but entertaining because it let me use DragonFly.

I purchased a set of cheap speakers from Newegg.  You’ll notice that the speakers have a metal frame that forms a loop at the bottom – that’s important later.  I bought the speakers and hooked to a tiny netbook, running DragonFly 3.0.2.  It works fine for playing music, though the case speaker doesn’t shut off when external ones are attached.  That’s not a problem here, though, since it’s not loud enough to be audible over the separate speaker output.

Those metal loops on the bottoms of the speakers turned out to be handy.  I found some scrap wood, and built a small armature to fit inside the loop and hold it offset from the ceiling joist.  Both of these wooden blocks could have the speaker slide over it, upside down.

I stained both of the blocks so that they wouldn’t stand out against the dark wood of the workroom ceiling.

I affixed the wooden hangers as far out as the cord on the speakers would let me,  and slid the upside-down speakers onto them.  There’s enough length in the cords to place the separate volume control dial on the workbench, and I’m done.

You can see the ceiling speaker in the upper corner.  How’s the sound?  Okayish.  You aren’t going to get much out of a set of speakers this cheap, but at least I don’t have wires over my work area, and I don’t have to worry about puncturing a speaker with a screwdriver by accident, or something similar.  I can close the laptop to keep it at least somewhat protected.

This is not a terribly complex project, but it makes me happy to have a DragonFly-based jukebox when I’m home.  (This laptop usually travels with me.)  I’m playing the music with mpg123, which is a surprisingly capable command-line player for files and for streaming audio.

(Yes, that is a large black velvet painting of a bullfight in the background.  It was a wedding present.  I also have black velvet paintings of Kenny Rogers as the Gambler, Fat Elvis, and Jesus blessing a tractor-trailer.  I don’t know why.)

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Plans for pkgsrc

I just removed old pkgsrc binary packages for DragonFly 2.6/2.7 from avalon, so if somehow you are running a version of DragonFly that old, and still using binary packages, you’ll want to upgrade.  I’m pretty confident that describes nobody.

Also, I have plans for coordinating the next pkgsrc release of 2012Q1, due April 6th, with the probably next minor upgrade of DragonFly, 3.0.3.  I wrote out my plans already, so go read.  (plus followup)

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ldconfig search path change

John Marino has changed the default search path for ldconfig; it no longer looks along /usr/lib/gcc* since that’s already included via rpath.  The end result: you will need to do ‘make upgrade’ after your next buildworld build/installworld.

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A 3.0.2 torrent

A torrent for DragonFly 3.0.2, found via Google search.  Which ISO or img files does it include?  I don’t know.  Which architectures?  I don’t know.  Is it legit?  I don’t know.  Click at your own risk, just like any other link.

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DragonFly 3.0.2 out

DragonFly 3.0.2 is out, and you can update (see /usr/src/UPDATING) an existing install or download a new one.  This release turns off I/O APIC when booting in a VM because it caused issues for some users.

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AMD processor bug: the followup

Matthew Dillon has posted a link to the errata for the AMD CPU bug that he found.   Venkatesh Srinivas has followed with a test case for the bug.

Matthew Dillon also pointed out there’s a workaround to fix it, with no performance impact, it’s only found on revision 10h CPUs (not Bulldozer), and it’s extremely hard to duplicate.  Why draw such a heavy line under that?  The news of this bug rippled out through various news sites and was almost universally misreported, in a way that made it look bad for AMD without actually realistically quantifying the problem.  Remember, it took 6 months just to find it – and he was looking for it!



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Freeze for pkgsrc-2012Q1 has started

It runs from now to April 6th, so nothing but bug fixes in pkgsrc until then.  If you have any package fixes you needed, now’s the time to ask someone.

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Apache in jail: a tip

Konrad Neuwirth is running Apache inside a jail, and getting some weird errors.  Obviously I don’t know the fix, but Chris Turner knows what the settings need to be.

Things for, and not for, the next pkgsrc branch

That’s pkgsrc-2012Q1 I’m talking about.  It appears KDE will jump from 4.5 (what’s there now) to 4.8, and Zope/Plone will be removed.  This will make you happy or sad depending on whether you have these things installed.

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Freeze is coming to pkgsrc

I can only use this joke for as long as the series is running.The freeze for the next version of pkgsrc, 2012Q1, will start March 22nd and end with the quarterly release being released on April 6th.

(I hope someone gets the joke.)

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GCC updated in base

John Marino’s updated DragonFly’s version of GCC 4.4 to 4.4.7, apparently the final version of GCC 4.4.  What’s next?  I imagine GCC 4.6 at some point.  It’s always a fun (maybe bikeshed-ish) conversation on which compiler to install, and which to have in base.

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Build report for pkgsrc

For the curious, I recently sent a bulk build report for pkgsrc-2011Q4 to the lists.  Other than ruby-193 (which is fixed in pkgsrc HEAD thanks to John Marino), we’re looking pretty good!  I’m curious if KDE or Gnome could actually get installed via binary; that’s sort of an ultimate goal due to the number of packages involved.

Speaking of Ruby, the default in pkgsrc may change soon, along with some of the involved Rails packages.

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Benchmarks for DragonFly 3.0

As several people have told me, there’s benchmarks of DragonFly 3.0 vs. 2.10, available on Phoronix.   CPU performance shows a significant improvement, in tests that actually test it.   (I’d think a file compression test would be disk-limited, for instance.)   Disk performance isn’t as great, but that may be in part because Hammer no longer will starve reading to benefit writing; that makes benchmarks look worse but improves real-world interactivity.  I’m sure there’s more quibbling to do, since it’s lies, damn lies benchmarks.

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Old DragonFly images

If for some reason you needed DragonFly 2.6 ISOs, or older, there’s a mirror.

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Building FireFox 10

If you want to build Firefox 10 out of pkgsrc, make sure your DragonFly system is up to date; there’s a recent fix needed to make that happen.

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Missed notes: JDK1.6, isp(4), PCI ids

I tagged these when they happened in previous months, but I forgot to post them:

“peeter” got wip/jdk16 to build normally on DragonFly, and listed how to do it.  I don’t know if it still applies.

Sascha Wildner updated the isp(4) driver from FreeBSD, adding new supported chipsets and making it able to load as a module.

Also from Sascha Wildner, we’re now using one source only for PCI IDs.  Think of that next time you are looking at dmesg, and it makes sense.

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2 new mirrors

If you’re in New York City or the UK, there’s two new DragonFly mirrors for your downloading pleasure.  Check the mirrors page for details.

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More on that CPU bug

Matthew Dillon’s CPU bug hunt has scattered its way across various news sites, some more accurate than others.  He’s posted a followup that is probably a more valuable read than any of the news reports.

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Older Python not dead yet

A few days ago, I posted about Python 2.4 and Python 2.5 leaving pkgsrc – it looks like it’ll be a little bit longer, at least for the 2.5 version.  This means the Zope packages will be gone too, since they depend on Python 2.4.  This won’t affect you if you aren’t using these packages, of course.

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Do you like Haskell?

If you said “Yes!”, you’re in luck.  Markus Pfeiffer got ghc to compile on DragonFly, and his fixes (for DragonFly at least) to enable it are already committed.

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Python changes in pkgsrc

The default version of Python in pkgsrc is going to become 2.7.  This will mean the 2012Q1 release will use that version by default.  Older versions, meaning Python 2.4 and 2.5, may be going away.  At least, that’s how the linked thread started but I’m not totally sure about it as I read farther through.

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BSDCan schedule up

Take a look at the schedule if you’ve been thinking about going… (seen via multiple places)  This is as good a time as any to point out, once again, the very valuable BSD Events Twitter feed.

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Remote Web Browsing via OpenSSH and PuTTY

That’s exactly what Michael Lucas talks about in this recent post; using ssh to browse from a different machine, but using a local web browser.  He uses it to get around a network problem, but I imagine there’s a number of other applications.  This is one of the valuable tips from his recent book.

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DragonFly 3.0 is out!

See the release page for details.  This release took longer than normal because of a crazy bug hunt, but the payoff is that this version performs better than ever.

Note: The x86_64 GUI ISO image had a problem due to file size (over 2G); redownload if you’ve had trouble booting it.

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Things I’ve never seen before, in pkgsrc

I was reading an article about how Tumblr scaled to handle the huge amount of data it’s regularly pushing out.  Apparently, it started life as a traditional LAMP stack, but they’ve since moved on – to software packages I have not yet needed to ever use.  Being open source software, it all has crazy names.  Some of these packages are perfectly familiar to me now, but others are completely new.

Anyway, for fun, I decided to see how many of these sometimes new-to-me packages were present in pkgsrc.  I’ll reproduce a paragraph from the story that lists the software they use, and link each one that I found in pkgsrc.

That’s actually more than I thought I’d find, though I can’t articulate why.  Anyway, if any of the names are unfamiliar to you, now is the time to follow up.   Redis, for example, looks more interesting to me at a casual glance than the normal NoSQL models I’ve heard about.

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A new French mirror

The “Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique” is mirroring DragonFly – it’s on the mirrors page or you can just go right to it if a French mirror is useful to you.

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3.0 release happening this weekend

I’m planning to tag the 3.0.1 release of DragonFly this weekend.  There’s still a few bugs, so if you are able to help, please do.  Otherwise, they will be errata.

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WHMCS installation notes

Michael Lucas installed WHMCS, a commerical hosting management tool, on FreeBSD.  He tells a story of doing so, and in the process happened to list all the PHP modules needed for it to run.  I’m linking it because that list is going to come in useful for someone, someday. down

If you’ve noticed the main website being down, that’s because both network connections (on different networks!) serving it are down.  This makes the website unavailable, and the source code, but you can still pull down images, packages, and the like from  Hopefully this warning will be out of date soon.

Note: It’s back.

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Lazy Reading for 2012/02/12

Hey, it’s snowing here!  Finally.

  • I remember when fractal zooming would bring a desktop computer to its knees.  Now, you can do it in a web browser.   (via)  This exists as a standalone application (x11/XaoS) too.
  • I see content from here get splogged, from time to time, and I think that’s what’s happening here.  Someone throws “BSD” into a content generator, with ads slapped on top of it?   Honestly, I’m not sure what it is.  (via)
  • Hammer 2 work is starting, as noted earlier this week.  Let’s see some details on a similar filesystem project, btrfs.  (via)
  • You should quit Facebook because privacy etc. you’ve heard it from me before.  The arguments are getting more thorough, though.
  • Here’s an article from independent game developer Jeff Vogel about serving a niche with your independent work.  I like his writing, plus if you squint your eyes and sorta look at that article’s point sideways, you could construe it as relevant for BSD.
  • For fun, spot the two things I mention/link to here frequently, in this somewhat hypey article about Tumblr.  (via)
  • An Economist article about shifting from computer to computer.   I read that and realized the one computer constant for me isn’t my desktop – it’s “~”.
  • If you ever played games on the Amiga, you may want to watch this movie.  It’s clips from a lot of Amiga games.  By a lot, I mean an hour and a half of footage total.  There were some really advanced games for the time there.  (via)

Your unrelated comic link of the week: Shut Up About Cats.  The rest of that site’s good too.

Also!  On a related link, Venkatesh Srinivas, one of the DragonFly developers, is participating in a bike ride to raise cash for the Ulman Cancer Fund.  If you’d like to pledge  some money, he’ll feel better as he cycles a ridiculous 4,000 miles across the US.

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Last few bugs to go

There’s 7 bug reports to close before releasing DragonFly 3.0.   Most of them have dumps to go with them, so each one should be solvable.  Please take a look if you have the time and inclination,

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Hammer 2 branched

There’s a Hammer 2 branch in the DragonFly git repo now, for the next generation of DragonFly’s native file system.  Don’t get too excited; as Matthew Dillon explains, it won’t be operational for months, and features won’t get added until much later this year.  It’s neat to see the work happening, though, and there’s a new design document to show what’s coming.

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