wbsio(4) sensor support added

Constantine Murenin has added wbsio(4) to DragonFly.  It’s the ISA-attached version of the lm(4) sensor, if I remember correctly.

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  1. Actually, it’s simply a more automatic ISA attachment of lm(4) on Winbond Super I/O, e.g. if your system uses non-standard ports for lm(4), then wbsio(4) will automatically discover any such port, and will attach lm(4) on ports other than the default 0×290.

    So if lm(4) didn’t attach for you before on DragonFly, or you had to edit GENERIC to manually specify a custom non-0×290 ISA port, then wbsio(4) is going to solve any such problem in an automatic and transparent way.